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New Castle Street Sweeping, Storm Drain Cleaning, Snow plowing, Catch Basin Cleaning, Pond Cleaning, and Parking lot Cleaning

About UsBest Parking Lot Cleaning, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1977!  For over 35 years we’ve been serving the New Castle area.

Our drivers are commercially licensed; CPR certified, certified in confined space entry and are extensively trained to use our highly specialized equipment.

Safety is serious business!  Our crews attend regular safety meetings and carry personal protective gear at all times.

We provide services for:

Best Parking Lot Cleaning, Inc. has the largest combined fleet of street sweepers, vacuum sweepers, eductor trucks, snow plowing and deicing rigs in the New Castle area!

Recently we had our Federal Motors Commercial Vehicle Compliance Audit and received the highest possible rating, proving that our fleet is the safest and most dependable in the New Castle area.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

*** Availability based off appointments set prior to service date ***

Street Sweeping in New Castle

Best Parking Lot Cleaning, Inc.’s fleet of street and air vacuum sweepers for New Castle :

Vactors/Eductors in New Castle

Because not all Eductors are created equal

Pressurized water and a vacuum system to dig precisely and make visual identification of existing underground utilities like gas lines, fiber optics, T-1's, etc., so they can be easily avoided.

Our Hydro-Excavating machines reduce the time on job by eliminating delays caused by cutting unexpected wires or cables. And it's much safer than mechanical excavation methods.

Pendant controls include throttle up/down, shoulder in/out, elbow in/out, lift up/down and engine throttle control. For added operator convenience, a wireless remote control is also available.

An articulating hose reel articulates 180° allowing operator to work in any position throughout this arc. This allows greater flexibility in truck placement for manholes located in tough areas and provides greater safety to the operator.

The reel can extend beyond the width of the vehicle for allowing positioning over offset manholes, catch basins, etc.

600' high pressure jet rodder hose 
1500 gallon water tank capacity 
Vac-Con's 10 ft. boom provides the longest extension in the industry! 
8" vacuum intake hose 
Hi-Dump Debris Body
Wireless Remote Pendant
Pump Off System
10' Telescoping Boom
Hydrostatic Drive

Air Vacuums in New Castle

Air Vacuums in New Castle - Because swept is not always clean

Part of any good “Best Management Practices” has parking lot cleaning as one of its top practices.

Stop debris from entering storm systems.
Erosion Control 
Slurry pick up
Parking Garages
Airports - polybrooms
Regenerative air 
Brushless sweeping

1.) Pick-up head width of 87 inches 
2.) Hopper capacity of more than 6 cubic yards 
3.) The large, 12-inch leaf and debris hose system features an industry-exclusive articulated power boom with 180-degree rotation that is supported by a high-performance vacuum system and large-capacity debris body.

About The Regenerative Air System

The REGENERATIVE AIR SYSTEM means that all the debris from the surface goes into the hopper. Fines are removed with the centrifugal dust separator and cleaned air blasts the surface again. This airtight design delivers high performance efficiency for all sweeping applications.

1. The closed-loop REGENERATIVE AIR SYSTEM uses the force of a high velocity controlled jet of air created by the powerful blower wheel.

2. This jet of air blasts down and across the pick-up head onto the pavement and into the cracks forcing up into the air stream packed-on heavy debris as well as fine dust particles.

3. The debris-laden air stream is pulled into the large hopper, where the air loses velocity and the larger debris falls to the bottom. A screen at the top of the hopper prevents items such as leaves,

paper, cans and rocks from leaving the hopper and entering the centrifugal dust separator.

4. The patented centrifugal dust separator spins the air along the curved wall of the chamber until the micron-size dust particles are skimmed off into the hopper. Only clean air is returned to the blower to start the Regenerative Air cycle again. This closed-loop system means no dirty air is exhausted into the environment only to settle on the surface again.

Because of findings that potential pollutants adhere to the micron-size dust particles that settle in pavement cracks, proper cleaning is more important than ever for today's industries. Sweeping can create benefits such as, aesthetic beauty, preventive maintenance of roadways, safety and reduced air pollution.

GENERATIVE AIR SYSTEM to clean the dirt, dust and silt out of pavement crevices and cracks. no mechanical broom sweeper can pick up from pavement cracks the fine particulates such as micron-size dust and ultrafine sand. regenerative air sweepers have been used.

Water Trucks in New Castle

Best Parking Lot Cleanings fleet of New Castle water trucks are just what you need for:

New Castle Snow Plowing & De-Icing

New Castle Pressure Washing

Cities that we serve: Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner, Everett, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Olympia, Lacey, Sea-Tac, Burien. Des Moines, Federal Way,, Renton, Kent, Covington, Enumclaw, Milton, New Castle, Sammamish, Medina

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